Say hello to the the LittleEye, our latest addition to the DeepVision Side Scan Sonar family!

We are proud to announce the release of our smallest and most portable side scan sonar system to date. The LittleEye side scan sonar packs the excellent performance of the DeepEye DE340D into an even smaller form factor.

This highly affordable system comes with all you need to start recording side scan sonar data except for a PC. A GPS unit can be added to position the recorded data but is not needed for the system to work.

The LittleEye System includes:

  • The DeepVision LittleEye Towfish with a 20 m fixed cable
  • The DeepVision LittleEye Sonar Box
  • The DeepView LT Sonar Software
  • A 2 m USB cable

The LittleEye system is perfect for surveys in lakes, coastal areas and harbors. Its low weight and small physical dimensions means that it can be handled from any vessel, even a canoe. It is designed for shallow water down to a depth of about 50 m. The maximum swath range of up to 260 m allows you to cover large areas in a short time.

The 20 m Kevlar reinforced cable gets the LittleEye towfish below the thermocline and sufrace backscatter for reliable results in almost all conditions.

See the Side Scan Sonars product page for more information about the LittleEye. Please contact us through the form on the Contact page if you want to purchase a LittleEye system or if you have any questions.

LittleEye Side Scan Sonar System

Chirp Sonar Technology

DeepVision has developed a new, very powerful, platform for sonar signal processing called DeepVision Sonar Signal Processor, DSSP. This massive parallel processor is optimized for processing chirp sonar signals doing pulse compression etc.
The DSSP platform supports a very wide frequency range, from a few kHz to a couple of MHz.
This new state of the art technology will now be offered in all our sonar systems.
There will also be OEM sonar modules available for a wide range of sonar products.
With this very flexible platform we can now launch a wide range of new sonar products with superior performance.
The small size and ultra low power consumption makes the platform very suitable in Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, AUVs and Remotely Operated underwater Vehicles, ROVs.