Side Scan Sonars

Side Scan Sonar System
Welcome to the future of seabed imaging.

DeepVision AB is a company specialising in the development of high performance and low price side scan sonar systems.

Now you can afford your own high performance side scan sonar system. We are convinced that the DeepEye system is the best valued high performance system you can find today. Just add a laptop and a GPS and you are ready to explore the depths.

Whether you are hunting for shipwrecks, looking for new dive sites or conducting underwater research you will enjoy our DeepEye sonar. The sonar produce a photo-like image of the seabed so you can see what’s down there.

Side Scan Sonar Towfish

The main features of DeepVision’s sonar systems are:

  • State of the art Chirp technology
  • Excellent image quality
  • Easy to use
  • Compact
  • Low cost

Let’s start imaging the depths!